Hello Everyone!

Time flies so fast, January is over, welcome February!

How are your resolutions doing so far?  Speaking of which, do you remember the goals my kids wrote for me? I am serious about it and I made sure, I will at least accomplish one or two out of 22..:-)

Alright, so firstly, my kids wanted me to be a full on “mommy blogger”, so in the next few months, you will be seeing a whole different aura.  I will be changing the design and I will be having my own domain too!  I have a lot of butterflies in my stomach, but yes, this is something I love doing, and should’ve done before but better late than never, so to speak.

Secondly, a lot of clients are coming in, and with that, we are thankful to Him.  Lastly, my book that is yet to release sometime this year… Yes, I’ve already started writing, and as soon as I release my “new blog site”, I will be more vocal about it.  A lot of things happened to us last month, and I will be sharing it with you in a few. 

You, my readers and followers, have been an essential factor to my confidence, so expect more interesting stories, real life scenarios, and a lot more!   So, stay tuned!

Chat soon xx



What work means to a 4 year-old

My typical day is just a usual routine for all jugglers out there.  Prepare food in the morning, clean, work, drive to school, work, clean, pick up kids, drive home, grocery, and the list goes on and on.

Phew, that’s a lot of work and seems endless.  Do you agree that our children are naturally appreciative? Absolutely!

My 7 and 6-year-old sons Wyatt and Elsen, woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  Oh boy, he was cranky and demanding! I was doing everything I can just to calm him down, but no luck.  So I asked a little help from  his dad.  Dad came down, irritated  because he had to stop working and attend to him.  His tantrums stopped though and I overheard them talking:

“Wyatt, is there anything else you want?  Because I need to work now” he asked.

“But you are working daddy” Wyatt replied.  Exactly buddy, so have to go now, Mike answered.

And when Mike was on his way up to the room, Wyatt said:, “I want chocolate drink dad”

So Mike grabbed a cup, the powdered chocolate milk container, and told him to wait for it. It was silent for a minute then when Wyatt was about to drink it, he said:  “See dad, you are working now,  you made me a chocolate milk! You put the chocolate milk in the glass, you get the water, and you mix it with my spoon and I saw your hands turning and turning so the chocolate would go down, thanks, dad” (hugs and kisses his dad)

Mike and I looked at each other, clueless and speechless.

I asked him, Wyatt, “what is work for you? Because work for mum and dad is earning “umi dollars” (from Team Umi Zoomi) so we can buy food, toys, clothes and more!

“Mum, work is when your body is moving, like cooking or hugging me”- Wyatt said.

I was completely blown away, it was a Ratatouille moment.  I remembered, back in the days when my mum used to constantly remind me not to waste time but to work my way up in making memories with my first 2 children.  (which I didn’t do much because I was stubborn before)

Now, I make every moment a busy “working” day- earning and teaching them the facts of life.

For our children, making them food, combing their hair, going out to a car wash together, are already considered “work”.

So go ahead and work with them, make memories and a little bit of money!:)

Quote of the day: “The time is always right to do what is right.”– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wyatt saying what's up?:)

Wyatt saying what’s up?:)

What are you working on today?


The RESILIENCE of Super Mums like me!- My One Word for 2014

Alright, my friends Janice and Patricia, even my lifetime partner, Mike, already shared their “One Word” for 2014, and here I am, already pressured thinking of mine!

So I looked into my journal last year and had a quick review of what happened to me for the past 12 months.  To my surprise, it has been a year of blessings and trials.  But the highlights of my journey last year was when I started blogging again and revived my faith in Him.  I stopped for so many shameless reasons and I am just fortunate to have friends like Michelle who introduced me to fellow Work-At-Home-Moms.


wacky picture of Work-At-Home-Mums at the WAHMderful Weekend Event

These wonderful moms helped me get my confidence back.  And every time I get depressed, I will rant and rave in the community page, and bam, I’m not alone!  Thanks to my mentors Ginger and Martine!

mum behind the daintymom.com

mum behind the daintymom.com

Ginger of mommyginger.com

Ginger of mommyginger.com


My business partner/friend Sharry, and the mum behind http://www.rollercoasterride.com, Janice


As mentioned, the other highlight was all about our Spiritual growth.  Our church, GCF has always been supportive and never gave up on us.  They continue praying for us, regardless of our situation.


Senior Pastor of GCF, Pastor David and wife Sis Ces


GCF Couple’s Ministry taken at CCT Retreat House in Tagaytay

If you have been following my blog, you might have read about how I almost gave up because of so many problems.  We faced trials and tribulations as well, and the downfall happened around May.  Do you know the saying, when it rain it pours?- I experienced a lot of heartaches around May. It seemed as if my son was hospitalized every other month. The first time was the day before his 3rd birthday, we celebrated it in the hospital. Adding fuel to the fire, my grandmother died of old age the day Elsen was admitted, and a week after that I lost my custody battle.  It was indeed unpleasant, and boy did I curse! I got so mad, my faith was thrown right out the window!

During my dark hours, my family, church mates and virtual friends, did not lose hope, they prayed over me, sent private messages, in short they never left my side.

On the brighter side of things, we got a lot of clients, bad and good.  Good as we made new friends for life!  Bad, nah, don’t want talk about it..


TL-R: Models Kaye, Baby Maicka, Bless and Apple of TheNailLab, my elementary buddy Joanne and daughter Sam, Tina, Teresa and Mariel of the WAHMS

And the Lord never failed to surprise me, yesterday, was my happiest day ever!  He gave me back my two older children! Yup, you heard it right, Jersey and Memphis are in the house!  I couldn’t ask for more.

Jersey and Memphis with Wyatt and Elsen

Jersey and Memphis with Wyatt and Elsen

Okay fine, I got teary-eyed right there, I never thought I could get back on track!

So I guess my one word for 2014 is:


Why?  Because mums don’t have time to be weak, as what my virtual sisters Liza and Nanette told me, I have every REASON to be weak, but I DON’T have the right to……. and that’s my definition of being resilient!

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I don’t know how I do it!- My life as a Work-At-Home-Mum

Last year was tagged as the Year of Selfie, but for us, it was a year of Blessings! A lot of things happened especially before and after Christmas.  My love got sick and his High Blood pressure was unstable for almost a week, resulting to cancelling photo shoots from 25th to 31st of December.

It was a blessing in disguise, it led us to have an intimate Christmas; we just had a DVD marathon and vegetated the whole day! It was a Christmas-Slumber party that ended well as you can see.:)

My 4 adorable kids

My 4 adorable kids

Anyway, back to reality so how did your manic Monday go?  Mine seems never ending, but I just finished watching a movie that I know ALL moms can relate to.  Every time I get frustrated with things, my love would always tell me to watch this movie, and he was right, it was an eye-opener!!  I can relate because I couldn’t stop crying. A movie every mum (and dad) should watch!


SJP played as a banker with two children and a very understanding husband.  She juggles work, family and anything in between every day.  Just like me hey, difference is I have 4 kids!

Way to end my manic Monday, very nice movie indeed.  I remember, one client asked my loving partner, what do I do for a living, and he answered:  “She’s a juggler”.

………..and I am proud to be one!


Goals in the eyes of my Children- Happy 2014 Everyone!

Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014!!  Yes it is officially “New Year” so all should be new including our perception in life.  Turn all negatives to positives, and just love one another!

Previously,  I would write down my goals as a person,  but I was wondering what if my kids set the goals for me?  So, I asked Jersey and Memphis to write down the goals I SHOULD attain this year!


Memphis and Jersey’s goals for me.

And the best part of our New year celebration last night, was when they handed me a little note:


Memphis’ letter to me and his Tito Mike

I love reading these letters. It really motivates me to become a better mum.

Let us find the “real treasure”- which is our life and family.



My kids and I (L-R: Jersey Wyatt, Mommy Millie,Elsen and Memphis


Now time to roll up my sleeves and make it happen!  Happy New Year everyone!


Photo Gallery of our CHRISTmas Rendezvous!

Dear Everyone,

Thank you for your love and support!  Celebrate life and love one another!  Have a peaceful and Happy Christmas.

“CHRISTmas without CHRIST is like a nicely wrapped box, given as a gift with nothing inside.”- PaulChappell